Fairytale Characters

Fairytale characters include princesses, princes, fairies, and many whimsical friends!

Superhero Characters

We offer an impressive lineup of male and female superhero characters!

Mascot Characters

We refer to our "fur" characters as mascots and offer a unique variety of packages and bundles!

Galactic Characters

Light Side or Dark Side, we've got a Galactic Hero or Villain that's perfect for your party!

Preschool Jr. Characters

For ages1-5, we offer a beautiful selection of toddler favorites!

Other TV Show & Movie Characters

It's not always about princesses and superheroes! Visit our great lineup of characters inspired by popular TV shows and movies!

Swimming Mermaids

Available throughout most of the year, we offer mermaids that can play inside of pools

Pirate Characters

Yo-ho, Mateys! This crew of pirates is too fun to turn away! Appropriate for all ages.

Storybook Characters

Encourage reading by bringing your child's favorite storybook characters to life!

Celebrity Impersonators

You can count on our team of beautiful and talented performers to surprise your guest as they embody some of our favorite singers and actors!

Holiday Characters

An assortment of holiday themed characters can be hired for corporate events or personal parties!

Original Characters

There are dozens of other themed characters available that we've created ourselves to entertain at any party, even when a more popular character isn't required!