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Swimming Mermaid Gallery

Always be yourself, unless you can be a mermaid...then, always be a mermaid!

Mermaids thrive in Florida! With our year-long summer and pools on every block, mermaids love visiting our parties! Tutu Tales offers a variety of original mermaid performers with customizable looks! Select the tail color, hair color and even your ethnic preference! Or, opt for one of our mermaid versions of our characters for an extra magical surprise! For a hyper-realistic option, consider booking a premier mermaid with a heavy silicone tail with iridescent scales! All of our mermaid packages include a pirate or sailor Games Captain to help lead the games on-land while the mermaid swims in the pool!

Seeking a character that is not shown? Contact us to discuss their availability! Tutu Tales casts various actors for each role. The actor shown will not always be the actor at your party. We take great pride in casting highly accurate representations of our characters.

Click each character photo to view more images of the characters and costume options that we offer!

Premier Tail Options (upcharge applies)

Deluxe Tail Options (upcharge applies)

Signature Tail Options

Classic Tail Options

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