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Tillie & Tallon’s Tale: The Royal Tea Party Adventure

As Tutu Tales prepared to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the Royal Tea Party in April of 2024, we commemorated the occasion by bringing to life our very own character representatives: Tillie the Fairy and Tallon the Dragon! We proudly debuted these enchanting characters at the event, sharing their rich history with the attendees. Read on to discover their magical story!

fairy and dragon characters from Tutu Tales
Tillie the Fairy and Tallon the Dragon at the 2024 Royal Tea Party

For over 1200 years, the fairies of the kingdom of Tutu Tales safeguarded the magic of their kingdom within the Enchanted Forest, nestled under a colossal, ancient tree. This magic brought health, beauty, and the wonders of nature to the world, and the fairies diligently protected it.

But a millennium ago, the peace was shattered. A mighty dragon king, leading a fierce army, invaded the forest. They burned every tree in their path until they unearthed the magic. Using their powerful dragon treasure chests, they stole it away, flying back to their hidden caverns at the forest's edge. For 1100 years, the dragons harnessed this magic to control fire, treasure, and wind.

The dragons' dominion over the magic was disrupted when a troll prince, at the head of a formidable troll tribe, stormed their caverns. With large chains and arrows, they imprisoned the dragons, seizing the treasure chests and transporting them back to their lairs in massive wagons. The trolls then used the magic to shape mountains, mud, and music for the world.

Distressed by this ongoing conflict, the dragon king sought a truce with the fairy queen. The fairy queen, sensing the dragon king’s sincere desire for peace, agreed. She recognized the dragons’ belief that the magic was better served in their combined hands rather than with the trolls, who used it primarily to create rocks and noise.

The fairy queen’s inspired decision led to a grand alliance. Together, they planned to gather their friends—unicorns, mermaids, giants, gnomes, cherubs, centaurs, griffons, and tree nymphs—to form an invincible army. Their mission was clear: reclaim the magic from the trolls.

At dawn, this diverse and magical army assembled outside the trolls' lairs, ready to reclaim the stolen magic. Each creature had a unique role to play, and young readers, you can join in too! Use your props to participate as we unfold the tale:

- **Unicorns**: Use their shimmering horns to illuminate the dark caverns.

- **Mermaids**: Create waves to block the trolls' paths.

- **Giants**: Use their strength to move boulders and clear the way.

- **Gnomes**: Sneak into small crevices to unlock hidden doors.

- **Cherubs**: Spread peace and calm with their gentle presence.

- **Centaurs**: Use their speed to deliver messages and supplies.

- **Griffons**: Fly overhead to scout the terrain.

- **Tree Nymphs**: Blend into the environment, guiding the way with their wisdom.

fairy character from Tutu Tales
Tillie the Fairy, our whimsical fairy!

However, upon entering the lairs, the army was met with an unexpected sight. Troll children, frightened and hiding, were huddled with their families in homes built of rock. These were not mere brutes; they were creatures with lives, homes, and fears.

The fairy queen and dragon king exchanged glances, a mutual realization dawning upon them. Fighting for the magic was not the answer. All creatures of the Enchanted Forest deserved a share of it. When united, their combined magic was a majestic, harmonious force.

The troll prince, humbled, approached the dragon king and apologized. He expressed a longing for the warmth of the dragons' fire and the beauty of the fairies' flowers. The elders of each group convened, agreeing that henceforth, the magic would be shared equally. Every creature would partake in nurturing and distributing this power.

Tillie, a wise fairy, concluded the story: "How do we share these powers now, you may ask? Through fairy tales, of course! Just like the ones our magical friends at this Royal Tea Party are here to share with you!"

And so, at the Royal Tea Party, the children learned that through unity, cooperation, and the sharing of stories, the magic of Tutu Tales would forever flourish, bringing joy and wonder to all.

dragon character from Tutu Tales
Tallon the Dragon, our adventurous dragon!

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